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History of Kuchi people:

The word "Kuchi" was derived from the Persian language word "Kuch". It is meant for movement of people from one region to another.


The Afghan Traditional Jewellery

Afghan jewellery plays an important role in the way in which Afghan women accessorize their traditional clothes. Without the stunning chunky Afghan jewellery , the traditional dress (Gandi Afghani) will look bare and incomplete like Romeo without Juliet.


Turkmen Jewelry

The Turkmen, as more than two dozen tribal groups of Turkic ethnic and linguistic heritage are collectively known, were pastoral nomads who lived in encampments, raised livestock, bred horses, and occasionally plundered settled areas for booty and slaves. In order to ensure year-round green pastures for their animals, the tribes moved two or three times a year.

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Concepts of Motifs in Turkmen Jewelry

One way to understand the culture of the people is to recognize used concepts in arts and especially their artifacts. These concepts represent in appearances and motifs of these relics. Turkmen are tribes who have used several designs in decorating their arts and crafts. Turkmen women jewelryis considered as remarkable art of this tribe and it not only includes special visual properties but also drawings with broad concepts.


African Beads & Their history

From the earliest times nomadic tribes have used beads for adornment, magic and bartering. Beads are some of Africa’s oldest artifacts, unlikely to erode like other crafts. African artisans continue to create beautiful beadwork unique to their tribe or region.


Jewelry of Indian Tribes

India has been endowed with a rich tribal culture, which despite modernisation has kept its unique traditions and values intact. Tribal Jewelry still bears a definite earthy charm. On the other hand, being different from the conventionally manufactured jewelry items, the rarity of ethnic jewelry is cherished by many.